Reputation Management

smile sign for good reputation

The word reputation as it applies to business has dramatically changed with the advent of online presence on the internet.  The various ways of how one’s business uses the internet to promote their services or product have one thing in common, reputation. In the service industry in particular people looking for a potential client are looking at reviews more than ever.

While recent data can back this up, there is little controversy that this holds true. Companies are more and more considering online reviews to be every part of search engine optimization as they do traditional means.

For all the reasons mentioned above LGMS has taken the steps to insure that our clients have their review management or reputation in place. Our review management pro platform will be an amazing addition to promote your online presence.  This is a tool that can capture your customer reviews and convert them into ex. google business positive reviews as well as giving that chance to reach out to a customer before a less than favorable review is posted. This is a real game changer.