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When people think about Search Engine Optimization, the first thing that would pop up is “Is it even necessary?”

For every business that has invested the time, money, and effort to maximize their SEOs can attest to the idea that it can boost their virtual presence in Google. This is because the algorithm used matches the optimization of words, citations, and alike in the content and web design posted. In line with trying to boost their success rate, SEO specialists have devised and mastered tweaks to please the Google bots.

Google will always give constant reminders on what to update and what to adjust in the engine, however, it would be best to have these 4 best practices that can aid in your business.

1. Learn how to optimize Image Alt and Text

Image Alt and Text have been in the works ever since Search Engine Optimization was materialized, having said that, Machine Learning has also been vital in the exposure of your company in the atmosphere.

With all the updates and changes in the virtual industry, including image alt text in your website will not affect the overall aesthetics of your design. In retrospect, it can even boost your citation in the listing. Machine Learning is a relatively new concept and has yet to break through social norms, therefore, having the old practice done while everything falls into place won’t be a bad idea.

2. Always prioritize authority over content

Google wants to make sure that the content posted in their engine/listing is authoritative enough to the one that published the content.

This boils down to roots of creating insightful, reliable content. Think about how your consumers will digest the information you have laid out in front of them, only use credible, reliable, and well researched ideas/concepts to support your claims, utilize takeaways to guarantee a return. 


3. Intellectually manage your word count

Just because you have exceeded a target and have successfully created a wordy article/content, doesn’t assure you a spot at the top rank of the search engine. Search Engines done solely rely on word count as a means of measurement.

Length and word count does not revolve on the importance of the message you plan to relay, an article can run for 500 words yet provide the same conclusion as an article that would consist of 5000. Having authority over your content is what the engines have never controlled, there is no maximum or minimum, all you have to do is provide what your customers need in the most accessible way possible.

Long articles can be used to maximize link insertion or back links to support the general idea of having customers view your website, however, have you thought of providing the information needed in the shortest way possible? Customers chase after what they want and need, all you have to do is provide for your target audience.

You are better-off creating lengthy content/pieces keeping in mind that the customers query will be assisted; then again, word count will always play a factor.

4. AMP’s are also importance

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP’s) are crucial in the rising number of mobile users in our community. Definitely worth taking into consideration, given the idea that most of your customers/consumers will be at their devices scrolling through different businesses.

The more you conceptualize your design and SEO management away from utilizing AMP’s and its interface, then you may be looking at your business on the wrong side of the coin.

These practices are done through analysis that LGMS has been a part of since we started; we are ready to assess and assist in the needs of our customers for them to maximize and utilize every aspect of the virtual industry. Let’s talk about it and work on your success together.

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